Monday, February 4, 2019

Dear Family Values?

   Dear  I follow this site every day and agree with nearly everything you write about
Trump and his idiot followers.

   What I haven't seen is comments about the Republican Party claiming to be the party of Family
Values; a total lie!

   Now that the real truth (which we don't hear much of lately) is out, this party needs to admit they are the neo-Nazis and racists of Trumpism.

   They claim to be PRO-LIFE and PRO-FAMILY, and yet they rip babies from their mothers at the border. They are actually pro-WHITE-family values, but not brown.

  Another claim about being PRO-LIFE, at any stage at conception, is another big lie.  These are the same people who want all brown people thrown in prison or executed.  How is that PRO-LIFE!

   They are PRO-LIFE and PRO-Family Values when it suits them!  They also think that bad cops are ok, if they go after the brown and black people. Aren't we all tired of that?

   Evil, corrupt people get what they deserve!!! I believe that!  When is another question, but I believe these right wing extremist racists are evil, corrupt people.

   Thank you for listening. No name please. Racists around here are extremely dangerous if you don't agree with them.

   SRT in Arnold


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