Friday, April 5, 2019

Can CalFire protect us in Ebbetts Pass? Burn outside debris NOW!

   With fire season fast approaching, we in Ebbetts Pass are already worried about the 2019
fire season.

   Even though we have had plenty of rain and snow, CalFire will have their hands full with handling
all fires that start in this area.

   They recommend that you burn your outside debris properly, or take it to a yard that accepts yard waste.  Make sure you have a permit and follow the rules.

   CalFire also wants to remind everyone to keep the pine needs and leaves cleaned off of your roofs and gutters.  Tests have shown that many  wildfires are spread to homes through small piles of needles and leaves.

   CalFire, under the leadership of Josh White, had the initial attack from the air from Columbia that stopped the fire in Avery last year.

   We understand that no major fires have resulted from small fires that started in Calaveras or Tuolumne County.

   The Butte Fire  was an Amador County fire that was allowed to spread across the river without proper air attack.  They are in a different CalFire district.

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