Thursday, September 26, 2019

Is this the scandal that BRINGS the SCUM DOWN?

   The newest scandal to hit the orange Trump is the Whistleblower who reported
that Trump tried to blackmail the President of the Ukraine.

   The hearings in the House pointed to Trump holding out the money for their defense until their President agreed to investigate BIDEN!  Shocking but true!

  Could this be the scandal (at least one a week) that brings that SCUM DOWN???  Impeachment on the horizon??


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Nope. He’s going to be our president for the next five years! Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

You all must remember EVERY member of congress, including the republicans, took an oath to uphold the constitution - they are ALL bound by this oath to press forward with procedure according to law when a president exhibits abuse of power and/or obstruction of justice, as this president has. Republicans are in jeopardy if they do not follow the law. This is not a Pelosi driven agenda, the president has given her cause to press forward, this is entirely his doing and HE is to blame.

Anonymous said...

He probably will because the republicans are just as corrupt and lawless and will bow down to him - hoping for a big moolah roll for doing so.

Anonymous said...

You know you shouldn't count you eggs before they hatch. In the US people are considered not guilty before a trial, just because you are a democrat,Trump has the same rights as you too. We've all been seeing the democrats try to remove Trump from office since day one. Yes he's incredibly rude, but it seems to me the democrats have been vindictive to the point that may of lied about the Steele Dossier, Adam Schiff saying he had PROOF of Trump's guilt, yet he had nothing.
The great thing about America, you are innocent until proven guilty. I don't believe anything, anymore that the democrat have. It seems to be nothing but lie after lie. One more great thing coming soon is US Attorney John Durham, who has prosecuted both Democrats and Republican alike, is said to be bring charges into his investigation on the "Russian Collusion" and it's rumored that prison sentences will be given.
Being a registered Democrat for over four decades I'm going to find this fascinating and if their was something illegal (sure sounds like there was) I hope the maximum sentencing is handed out. Maybe the mouth that roared and it really is a good time to drain this swamp in Washington DC.