Friday, September 20, 2019

Alice Montgomery calls POLICE on Planning Commission??

   We have been told that Alice Montgomery, Michael Oliveira supporter, who often appears at county
meetings, became upset at the Calaveras Planning Commission meeting on September 19, 2019.

   Word is that she actually called the COPS on the Commissioners due to something that happened during the meeting.

   We are attempting to verify the reasoning of this phone call and will report when we discover more of the details.


Anonymous said...

This Alice lady is a real wing nut. Her 15 minutes of fame is long over. She is a real blight on our community. FYI ...owns property here but rarely occupies it. Lives elsewhere. A real banister who obviously doesn't like the direction things are moving in. She should really STFU.

Anonymous said...

heard the other day that her house is for sale.

Anonymous said...

There are two youtube clips of her In the board chambers talking to police