Friday, September 20, 2019

Mr. BigPot: Get a real JOB!

  What a joke Mr. BigPot McBanus is.  He keeps ranting and raving against all cannabis and has no other purpose
in life.

   This man needs a job. Won't somebody please give this freakin' nut a job. He and Alice baby will work together.  Yes, they both need a real job!!!


Anonymous said...

Is this the guy who used deceit which led to take away the people's right to vote on regulated cultivation? If so I wish he could of been charged with a crime. I found a site of his where he says 18 murders involving marijuana have been committed in our county. I couldn't find anything related to these 18 marijuana related murders and he doesn't have a link to prove this. It's pretty hard to believe someone when HE LIED TO EVERYONE, and we lost our right to vote.
Sorry Mr McBanus but once you lie to an entire county it pretty hard to ever take your word on ANYTHING

Anonymous said...

Got to love this guy. A chain-smoking alcoholic who rants against Cannabis. Alice M. and he make a good pair of wackos. He ought to clean up his yard too while he is at it. A filthy pigsty in Hanford Hill.