Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Corey Lewindowski: Yes, I lie to the press

   During yesterday's hearing before the House Judiciary Committee Corey Lewindowski said Trump gave him immunity from
testifying, admitted lying to the press and refused to answer questions from the members.

   Just like any mafia goon, Lewindowski protected his master Trump, who has promised to support his attempt to run for office in New Hampshire.

   Scum attract Scum, and it's always the COVER-UP that gets em!!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not enough of 'em and not fast enough!

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately not enough of 'em and not fast enough!"
Don't worry about that The DOJ, William Barr and US Attorney Durham have enough evidence on this "Russian Collusion" alleged hoax, that it's said prison sentences will be forth coming some time in October we will be hearing about it.
No matter if you're Democrat or Republican this will be very interesting and I'm hoping no one will be getting any special treatment. US Attorney Durham has prosecuted both parties in his career, and unlike our FBI and their investigations of late favoring a certain Party, Durham will do no such thing. I can't wait to see how this comes out.

Anonymous said...

The press lies to the general public!