Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Calaveras Sheriff 'MAD AS H***!'--Supervisors finally STAND UP to corruption!!

    After a lengthy speech by Undersheriff Macedo at the Cannabis BADGE study session
of the Calaveras Supervisors, three of the Supervisors came up with a better idea.

   Garamendi, Callaway and Stopper voted to create a Cannabis department under the CAO's office, to conduct background checks, issue permits, etc.  That way, the money can better be tracked.

   After Macedo BLEW UP and said that if they do that, Sheriff DeBasilio instructed him to say they are PULLING OUT, no longer will participate in the badges or regulation.  Then he STOMPED out the door.

   Yook, also a BANSTER, said she didn't know anything about the change and also walked out. She had backed the Sheriff, who wanted more laws, more regulation, as if ALL cannabis farmers are criminals.

   Callaway was great!  She told Macedo that now the Sheriff's department can concentrate their time on real crime and the new deputies being trained.

   Go to Youtube and watch the meeting!  Makes us so proud of our Supervisors!  They actually finally stood up to our CORRUPT Sheriff!!!


Anonymous said...

Alice Montgomery called the police today in the planning commission meeting on the commissioners. One crazy B tch. I have video of it

Anonymous said...

how much longer before the new deputies get laid off due to lack of county funds?