Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mark Sanford running against Trump

   Former Governor Mark Sanford ha announced that he is running against Trump for the GOP nomination for president.

   Last night at a rally in North Carolina,
Trump kept saying he was out on the Tallahassee Trail, and no one knew what on earth he was talking about. There is no such trail.

  Trump also referred to a woman Sanford once dated, calling her a Flaming Dancer. He could have meant Flamingo Dancer, which is also wrong. He had to have meant Flamenco Dancer.

   What a moron!!!  He also referred to the three men running against him as the Three Stooges. But he is the biggest STOOGE of all!

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness someone stepped up - the republicans will NOT vote for a democrat so they need another choice for any hope to get this whatever out of the white house.