Sunday, April 4, 2021

This morning on FOX News....

    One of the FOX News pundits this morning kept repeating that he didn't understand why all the other networks, Hollywood and at least half of the country keep calling Republicans



  Some are suggesting that their still may be a secession by certain red states, who already are not patriotic to the USA.

   If you live in one of these states and are not one of them, you had better escape while it is still safe. 


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine just HOW anyone could think Right Wing, Racist and so-called Religious Republicans could possible be EVIL!!

Unknown said...

They call Republicans names because they are scared to death the Republicans will once again take the WhiteHouse back and bring meaningful leadership that works for "We the People"

While Biden/Soros plan is to transform society to replace “citizens” with “subjects” and to shift entire control and ownership of assets to “elected” or “appointed” leaders of governments, the bureaucracies, and to the residual members of the elitist class?

Republicans will WIN this fight by Decaffeinating the Liberals and their Messaging and as time moves forward this wicked Biden/Soros regime it will become dark enough to once again see the stars!

Anonymous said...

Dear unknown: Your problem is that you left out your most important word in your quote. You truly mean "We the WHITE people". Hopefully, this is the end of your type getting in the White House.