Monday, June 28, 2021

CHP report on Arnold collision

    According to CHP on June 25, 2021 around 8:15PM Andrea Perry (34) of Belmont was driving a golf

cart on Meadow Drive near the Sequoia Woods Golf Course.

     After losing control of the cart, it overturned and expelled passengers onto the roadway.

     Katherine San Fillippo (33) received major injuries, along with Sarah Graebner Carrion (38) of Menlo Park and both were air transported to Modesto hospitals.

    Jonathan Albar (39) and the driver received minor injuries and declined medical help.

     Andrea Carrera (33) of Belmont and Lora Nay (39) of San Mateo were not injured.  Apparently none were wearing seatbelts and there were 6 people in one golf cart.

   The driver, Andrea Perry was arrested on suspicion of allegedly driving under the influence, causing great bodily injury, a felony, at the time of the collision.     

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