Thursday, June 10, 2021

"I need a break!" after ban on FIREWORKS!

    Congratulations to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors who voted 5-0 to ban fireworks

in the county dur to the dry conditions.

   Although ONE fire chief (Dell'Orto) of Mokelumne Hill spoke against the ban, all of the other chiefs spoke in favor of it.

   Two NUT CASES got up and came to the podium after they realized there were at least three votes for the ban and FLIPPED OFF the Board, using the F word in condemning them.

   After the vote, Chair Stopper announced "I need a break!" and called for a recess. 


Anonymous said...

Now hopefully there will not be any booths selling any fireworks since Angels Camp can have private fireworks. There should be NO booths selling any fireworks.

Anonymous said...

So far the City of Angels has not banned fireworks - let's hope the City Counsel has the same smarts that the BOS did and follows suit!