Wednesday, June 9, 2021

OP-ED!! Abortion????? Abort the trees to prevent fires???

   One of the most hotly contested issues in America is


    If you are a right winger, do you believe that cutting down baby trees is a good thing?  Aborting them to clear the forest floor is very popular with firefighters right now.

    What about the population? Do your believe in the right to abort a fetus?

    Let's see now, trees may be the only way possible to save the earth, and humans (way too many of them), are destroying it.

   If you believe in preserving every human embryo or sperm, but you don't think we should preserve every tree, something is wrong!!  

   Is it religion that has gone astray or are people just losing their minds?

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Anonymous said...

People are losing their minds! I don't like any tree being cut down.