Wednesday, July 14, 2021

OP-ED: Documentary on the Camp Fire in Paradise

    To say that it was one of the most difficult and shocking documentaries we have ever seen

is not enough.

   We should all be terrified, yes horrified, at the incompetence and utter stupidity, not to mention the casual attitude by CalFire.

   How many people, not to mention innocent animals died due to not just the negligence of PG&E, but due to the overwhelming lack of response throughout the incident.

   They were notified immediately of the fire, but didn't want their trucks to get scratched driving an unclear road?

   The fire was WAY to far away to worry about?  And on and on it goes until Paradise died in horrendous flames. 

  ARE WE NEXT??????????  SHOULD WE BE WORRIED????? Was anyone fired over the worst management decision making posssible?

   And HOW did the LAST question get answered?  You have to watch it!!!! PBS is playing it now!

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