Sunday, July 18, 2021

Tamarack fire victims furious


  In TV interviews today the resident victims of the Tamarack wildfire had some choice words for the USFS and its failure to handle the fire for 2 weeks.

   They made the choice to just watch the fire during that time and now its out of control, with homes being destroyed. 

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Anonymous said...

The quaint town of Markleeville is probably history. Who would want to live and try to run a business amongst burned black trees and landscape - who would visit and camp in those views. USFS should be liable but probably cannot be. The Incident Commander made a horrible mistake letting this burn so close to town and small businesses. Wind blows a fire so mileage doesn't matter, it was too close to a town to let burn - retardant as soon as it started was so dearly needed. Hearts are breaking for people's lives who have been totally ruined by this - and this could happen to any mountain town! Fortunately Arnold area has a very good Cal Fire presence and Air Attack base in Columbia who hopefully could circumvent USFS if needed.