Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bera- Lungren Debate

  In what could very well be the only debate between /Congressional candidates Ami Bera and Dan Lungren, Lungren spent more time pushing for military buildup and trying to scare people with terrorism threats than what  we most care about; the economy.

    Scare tactics worked for Bush, but will they now, in Calfornia?

   And Bera missed several opportunities to tell Californians, (7 out of 10 of which are in favor of women's reproductive rights) that Lungren is opposed to women's rights.

   Lungren looked unfriendly and actually mean and old (he just turned 66) and stated that he only got back into politics because of 9/11.  Actually he was only OUT of politics because he lost an election when he ran for governor. Otherwise he's a lifetime politician.

   Bera was amiable, but serious, and could have hit Lungren between the eyes on a few of Lungren's incorrect and out of touch statements, but he remained cool and let the "old man" go.

   Lungren was looking way too old to be running again, and truly seems to have lost touch with Californians, living way back in Washington DC. If he wins, it will be no win for California. Only a retirement job for an older man. Sad but true.

   California deserves better!!! We aren't sure who to recommend.

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