Sunday, September 30, 2012

Property Rights Win in Bay Minnette, Alabama

No matter how much or how little
land you have, the government wants
full control over it and you!
   After passing Alabama's version of the New General Plan, which they called the Horizon 2025 plan, following the Smart Growth policies, Baldwin County Commissioners (Supervisors) voted to throw it out.

   Elected officials have been battling with constituents for over a year,over a plan which is eerily similar to the plan that Steve Wilensky, Holly Mines,
Our elected officials allow the clear-cutters to keep
all of their property rights, but vote to
eliminate ours.
Merita Callaway and Tom Tryon and the Planning Commission have pushed on Calaveras County.

   The protests and promises of removing elected officials from office became overwhelming, filling their meetings, inside and outside the chambers,

  The vote was 4-1 to completely scrap the new plan. Here in Calaveras County, however, not enough people speak up for their property rights, and people like those named about and the mvs.commers have controlled the entire process.

   If people only realize that the rich people who donate to mvs.commers organizations to end property rights, and therefore any growth, are helping themselves, so that their land will be more valuable. These people are not idiots!


Anonymous said...

most people here are afraid to stick their heads up out of the sand!

Anonymous said...

We are so used to trusting our elected officials, and we still haven't learned from the Bush years.