Saturday, September 29, 2012

Letter to the Editor....About Angels Camp

   Dear Editor:

    While I was watching the news this morning I saw an ad for some event in Angels Camp. After seeing your "beware" article yesterday, it made me think.

   I looked it up and Angels Camp was a town in 1849, first as a mining camp and then as a real town. The only thing that happened in 1912 was that, even though many people didn't like the idea, they incorporated as a city.

    I don't think its right for anyone to promote an event dishonestly. Who is it that was in charge of this? The City elected officials?  (a City Council, or something like that)

   Who actually believes that incorporation is something to celebrate, anyway. More taxes, Higher water bills, etc.

    Shouldn't the people responsible for the false advertising get in trouble?

                                                Concerned taxpayer

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