Saturday, September 29, 2012

Political Signs on CalTrans Right of Way

  Over the past week or so we;ve had a lot of complaints about certain political signs, banners, etc. being hung in the CalTrans right-of ways along Hwy 4 especially in Calaveras County.

   We have tried to notify CalTrans, but the signs continue to be left up. Many people seem to believe that CalTrans employees pick and choose which signs
stay up and come down and the candidates they support stay up.

   We can't be sure if that is true or not, but we do know that certain political signs come down right away, even if no one calls for whatever reason. Is it politically decided?

    One thing we do know for sure is that CalTrans does not obey any of the rules about right-of-way except when they want to. What we do know is that they treat the Hwy right-of-ways like their own personal property.

      What do you think?  Has CalTrans allowed corruption into its every pore?

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