Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CalFire's $150 Tax Goes to "Slash & Burn"

What all this means is that
your $150 in tax goes to support
Callaway and Wilensky's chips
programs to "slash and burn"
This is an explanation of where the money goes and what it will be used for, sent to us by Assemblymember Kirsten Olsen's offce.
  Here is a link to the exact text of the bill that established this new fee.
It is true that the money generated by the fee does not go directly into the CalFire budget.  I am sorry if my explanation is a bit lengthy, but it is complicated.
The bill establishes a new "State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fund" that would be overseen by the State Board of Equalization.

  The bill specifies that fire prevention fees shall be available to the Board and CalFire for fire prevention activities in state responsibility areas and for the costs of administering this chapter and startup costs. 
Provides that moneys in the fund shall be spent on the following:
Administrative costs associated with the fund.
Local assistance grants.
Grants to Fire Safe Councils, the California Conservation Corps, or certified local conservation corps for fire prevention projects and activities in counties with state responsibility areas.
Grants to a qualified nonprofit organization with a demonstrated ability to satisfactorily plan, implement, and complete a fire prevention project applicable to the state responsibility area.
Inspections by CalFire for compliance with defensible space requirements around structures in state responsibility areas.
Fire severity and fire hazard mapping by CalFire in the state responsibility areas.
Public education.
Other prevention projects in the state responsibility areas authorized by the Board.
Several of the things on this list are already current budget items in CalFire and there is no plan to increase CalFire's budget.  While these new fees will be used to provide local assistance grants and grants to Fire Safe Councils and the Conservation Corps, the fees will also be used to pay for activities currently funded by the General Fund, such as inspections of defensible space requirements, fire severity and fire hazard mapping, and "other prevention projects" authorized by the board.  This bill would reduce some General Fund pressure by shifting the costs of some activities to the owners of structures located in the state responsibility area.
Paul Zeek
Chief of Staff for
Assemblymember Kristin Olsen



Anonymous said...

What? None of this goes to fight fires? This government is out of control! I'm not going to support them so they can tell me what to do with MY LAND!

And they're giving the money to Wilensky's and Callaway's stupid "slash and burn" non-profits, not even to the CalFire!

M. Reynoso said...

Just got my bill in the mail!!! Are they kidding me?? I live on Main Street in Murphy s, we have a fire department down the street!! This bill is just another slap in the face by our elected officials. I pity us all!!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute; these low-lifes are getting my tax money, cutting and slashing whatever they want and then selling it to the furnace in amador county? This is the heighth of corruption!!!

Anonymous said...

why weren't we told about this in the beginning. None of the other papers have printed this.
that must mean they're in bed with these guys like wilensky.

Anonymous said...

First of all, no sleazy so-called fire prevention person is going to tell me i have to cut down all my trees.
2nd, i'm not paying these sleaze-balls for nothing!

Anonymous said...

you are giving the BOS too much credit. they had NO idea what the bill really said. just like they had No idea what the Bump Party really was and they had NO idea there was a new golf course in Valley Springs and they had NO idea that Ironstone has NO permits. Truth is they have NO idea.

Anonymous said...

All who voted for Callaway and Wilensky, you are responsible. She got the BOS to pass a law giving these people authority to clear your land and Wilensky started the non-profit that hires his friends to "slash and burn".