Thursday, September 20, 2012

Callaway Not Allowed in Assessor's Office

   Supervisor Callaway complained during budget hearings this week that when she went to the Assessors Office to "jaw", she was not allowed beyond the public counter.

   While Tofanelli and Wilensky smiled, Callaway stressed that "I'm a Supervisor" and that she therefore should be allowed anywhere she wants.

   HOORAY to Leslie Davis, who puts these people in their place. She wanted to go in a either snoop, or to campaign to Davis's employees, which would cause them to be unable to do their work.
    This was the highlight of the day!  Davis offered to discuss it with her privately, but Callaway insisted upon embarrassing herself in front of the cameras.

   Why should any Supervisor have carte blanche in any department they want without an invitation? They are simply members of the public, who are not allowed into private file areas..

   We feel the Donkey Pen coming on......

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Davis..she responded professionally to Callaway. Shame on Marita again!!