Monday, September 24, 2012

Disturbing Angels City Council Meeting

   The Angels Camp City Council meeting on September 18, 2012 was somewhat disturbing to many voters.

   After a closed session that publicly stated Employee Discipline,
which clearly was directed at Craig Hadley, who was not present, the Councilmembers casually went on to discuss what they wanted to place in a new contract for another Museum Director, and made changes from what was in Hadley's contract.

   They also gave McHatten, City Administrator the power to hire this new person.

   We find it interesting that they did not make public the grant money and expertise they have lost by the firing of Hadley by McHatten.

   Talk around town is that one certain employee is behind the entire fiasco, and Hadley is the one who was punished.

   The City and the Museum also suffer, however, due to the grants and donations that are now more than likely defunct due to the loss of Hadley.

   The Council members did appear to be a little nervous throughout the meeting, as well they should be.



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