Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Juniper Mine News Release

Juniper Uranium Mine Remediation  Nearing Completion
    Pinecrest, Calif. (Sept. 24, 2012)…The Summit District Ranger, Molly Fuller, announced today that, although the Juniper Uranium reclamation is nearing completion, one more construction season will be needed to install the final cover over the waste repository. 
       The USDA Forest Service is the lead agency authority under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA, also known as the Superfund) to undertake a response action at the Juniper Uranium Mine.
      The Juniper Uranium Mine is an abandoned open pit mine that operated from 1956 through 1966 and located at about 8,500 feet elevation on the Summit Ranger District at Eagle Meadow Road (5N01) and the 5N33 spur.
     During the 2011 construction season the mine pit was prepared to hold the waste with the construction of a under drain and a toe berm.
       During this 2012 construction season all the waste material was compacted back in the mine pit.  Due to the timing of the completion of waste placement and the vulnerability of the cover materials during installation, the Forest Service has decided to install the cover system early in the 2013 construction season.
     Installing the cover system consists of placing a plastic liner over the waste, a geotextile fabric over the plastic liner and approximately three feet of clean cover soil from Waste Pile 3. 
      The uncovered plastic liner and soil cover is very vulnerable to the elements during construction and the risk of thunder storms, freezing conditions, snow and ice increases this late in the construction season.
      When the cover soil is placed in 2013, it will provide a medium for subsequent vegetative growth, which helps to hold the cover soil in place once established.
     The project is presently being secured for this winter with interim drainage and erosion controls.  All work for the 2012 construction season is expected to be complete by the end of September.
     Interested parties may obtain Final Design documents and project background information by making a request through the Forest's website comment section or calling the Forest Supervisor's office at (209) 532-3671 and selecting the operator.


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