Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Proposition 32 -- No witholding Donations to Pols'

   Last week, unions dumped $1.5 million into ads against Proposition 32.  What does this tell us?

Prop 32 does not prohibit Unions from donating to candidates or issues they support, so what does it do?

  Prop 32 prevents unions from taking money out of employees checks and using it to contribute to political campaigns or issues.

   Unions would have to get money from their members through donations, and not through forced witholding from their paychecks.

   We've decided that this is a good law.  We say vote YES on Prop 32. The Unions have become giant corporations unto themselves, without any control by its members and their money, in our opinion.

   We're not against Unions, just against their abuse and greed.


Anonymous said...

One of the arguments against 32 is that it's unfair to Democrats and perhaps there is some truth to it if you believe that the current imbalance that favors Democrats is in fact fair. What 32 does is try to mitigate that imbalance. Read the ballot and stop being a parrot for the lamestream media and misleading ads.

Anonymous said...

Before you make a decision on Prop 32 take a look at who's AGAINST it: Every Public Sector Union and the Democratic Party who rely on their support. This isn't Corporations against Unions but Public Sector Unions against Private Business/Private Citizens. Then look at who's for it and compare that to the list they show on television. This non-partisan link is informative: http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/California_Proposition_32,_the_%22Paycheck_Protection%22_Initiative_(2012)