Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Going On? Bias? Campaign Contributions?

   With all the comparisons of different events that take place in Calaveras County lately has come some loud controversy over why certain businesses have been allowed to run large events for years without any special permits, while others are shut down
by Calaveras County Supervisors.

   And why large concerts are considered agri-tourism on A1 land, but golfing is not?

   The Trinitas owners lost their property and investment, and we lost a million dollar beautiful golf course because our County Supervisors said they were illegal.   Zoning? A 1.

   Lake Tulloch Resort has been told they have to have a Condidtional Use Permit, and fees the County Sheriff has been harassing their guests. They say they are now turning it into a drug and alcohol rehab center because the zoning is unquestionable.  They are zoned C2 PD
   So who are they comparing themselves to? Could it be Ironstone Vineyards, who has been doing concerts with thousands of people in attendance for over 10 years? Zoning? A 1

   We wondered if these other two businesses have a legitimate complaint, so we asked Calaveras County Counsel if the Kautz have a Conditional Use Permit to have 5000 attend concerts there.

   We were sent a copy of a General Plan Amendment and Zoning Change application, along with a Conditional Use Permit, filled out in late April of 2012 by John and Gail Kautz, owners of Ironstone. That was only 4 months ago.

   We were told that this application is in the investigation process; NOTHING APPROVED!
Therefore, they have no special permit to have 5000 people at a concert at this time, nor did they for the ten prior years?

   Why were they not required to have special permits, or other special event permits for these 10 years?

   We asked several people, who refused to be identified. They all said the same thing. "The Kautz gave Tom Tryon money during his campaigns!"

   Shocked, we looked back on some old records and found this to be true. We also spoke to many local people who had made complaints over and over again years ago about problems with the large events at the winery.

    The main complaint was of the narrow road, which they all felt was too dangerous to allow so much traffic on for events. So what happened to those complaints and why wasn't the road (6 Mile) widened and made safe?

   When we asked this of Janis Elliott, she told us there had been 0 complaints filed against the Kautz or Ironstone. At least not in WRITING!  She says only written complaints count now.

   So is a certain elected official, or officials allowing some businesses to get away with and actually covering for them so they did't have to get any special permits for over 10 years?

   And now are they jumping all over two other businesses who seem to be doing the exact same thing unfairly?  Is there something crooked in Denver (or Calaveras County)? You tell us!

   Does there seem to be some discrimination or favorites allowed to do what they want while others are continually harrassed, even run out of business?


Anonymous said...

Supervisor Tryon recently stated "He is effective" One would be inclined to believe his statement, upon review of the information the SS has publicly provided. Is anyone checking his donations filings to see who supports him?

Anonymous said...

Thats dunny because over the years you could call in anonomously to file complaints at code compliance so how will we ever know if Elliott is right? And Ken Foley has stated publicly numerous time to the press AND in federal court that Ironstone did not have proper permits. Ray Waller and Sahelyn Stratten both said in court that they had advised Kautz they needed a CUP. Whi is Elliott trying to fool.

Anonymous said...

If one wants to see what permitted uses are in C@ zoning just go to the Calaveras County website and look it up...then look up the A-1 or ag zoning. Then maybe the County should look up harassment in the dictionary and have a closed session meeting about that!!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the supervisor for D-4, Tom Tryon, who has signs stating integrity, ethics, courage and vision? Is his nose becoming longer?

Anonymous said...

It actually makes sense to me when zoning ordances, road mitigation and such is applied with discretion when a business brings in revenue to the county. What doesn't make sense is the blatant double standard in applying it to some and not others. I know of 1 case where a B&B went bankrupt struggling to overcome one hurdle after another to get their Certificate of Occupancy and finally gave up due to questionable AG-zoning and Road Improvement ordances that would definitely apply to Ironstone.