Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter to the Editor....Calaveras County General Plan

   Dear Editor:

    I was excited to listen to Calaveras Planning Director Peter Maurer present his "game plan" for getting our long awaiting General Plan before the public and ultimately adopted.

    He made his presentation at the Board of Supervisor's meeting this past Tuesday. Central to his plan is that the community plans -- worked on tirelessly by so many community members -- will be included in the final document.

   I am sure many Calaveras citizens were encouraged by, and appreciated, Mr. Maurer's plan.

   As I have consistently stated throughout my campaign, I am in complete support of the Rancho Calaveras Special Plan.

   I fully appreciate that this Special Plan has been drafted by many of our residents and reflects the rural lifestyle that attracted them here.

   I am also proud to report that I have located the previous work done on an update for this plan and have familiarized myself with its specifics.

   Knowing the intricacies of this plan bolsters my support and causes me to be thankful to the dedicated group of citizens who worked on the 1999 Plan, and preserved this work for inclusion in our General Plan.

   I also appreciate this group's decision to share their previous work with me and to let me advocate for its inclusion in the General Plan update.

   The Rancho Special Plan is an important document, the update of which will reflect the lifestyle this community has persistently strived to maintain.

   I look forward to working on it with the community and to having Mr. Maurer prioritize its inclusion in the General Plan for Calaveras County.

   I want to again thank the good people of Rancho Calaveras who worked on the update. You have done yeomen's work, and I am excited to see it included in our county's future.

   Steve Kearney, D-5 Supervisor Candidate

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Anonymous said...

This is a guy that stands behind what he says. While some people make videos and looks for photo ops this guy work behind the scenes kicking loose the stuff that has been caught the quagmire.