Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Who is Causing Water Paranoia in Calaveras?

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    Yes, myself and my family are afraid of not having enough water to drink, bathe in, keep our yards green.

   But the recent absolute paranoia being spread about "draining" Lake Tulloch is lacking in accuracy and seems to be a political agenda by some.

   What I mean is, that corporate farmers (and we're not talking mom and pop making a  few bucks selling tomatoes or strawberries) want access to cheap water so they can make another billion or two overseas.

   And then there are the Southern California forces who want our water to go straight through the giant tunnels to fill their swimming pools.  Even our Governor Brown is trying to help them. Money in influence!

   Both of these forces lobby McClintock and other Republicans with money and I feel McClintock and others are responding for THEIR benefit.

   Remember, none of this is for Calaveras County residents benefit! It won't help keep Melones or Tulloch full. Those with influence and money always win and Calaveras always loses.

   Learn from history. This is a fact. Any local elected official who is trying to push through clear-cutting or other forms of sending water downstream are part of that contingency (McClintock).

   Keep calm and influence our local water officials to fight for our rights. I say, let LA and the farmers desalinate the ocean to use for their crops and pools.

   Calmly and sincerely pushing back,

    Ed in Ebbetts Pass


Anonymous said...

i'm not opposed to a dam on the mokelumne river. That deep canyon between Calaveras and Amador counties would be a perfect place.

Anonymous said...

How did the San Andreas Supervisor get involved? Is he working for Brown or McClintock or getting money in some way?

Anonymous said...

All I know is that he doesn't seem very bright? Why does he sound just like that Spellman guy?

Anonymous said...

So much paranoia about water, because our elected officials haven't protected US in the past. All this new stuff is just to give more water to LA and the big farms.

Anonymous said...

Brown exempted gas/oilfracking, which has polluted 4 aquifers in Kings county. One oil/gas fracked well consumes over 1 Million gallons of water.The frackers also dispose of their frack waste water using deep well injection, how they polluted the aquifers in Kings county, they claim they cannot reuse fracking water, and require new fresh clean water.