Monday, May 25, 2015

OP-ED...Why is gun fanaticism a pathological sickness?

   Many articles have been written about those who have no life, worship guns, fear everything, especially people of color, and have no reason to live other than for guns.

   The people in Calaveras County who appear to possess this pathological disorder are peculiar in only one way;  that is, people who find out about them, want to stay away from them.

   We have, unfortunately, come to know a couple of the most mentally ill among them; not by meeting them, but by their public flaunting, their extremist fear of everything, using guns to try to protect themselves.

    They cannot keep a job; they cannot get along with nice folks; they are so afraid of women that they pretend to be brave around them and insult them, and they say things so bizarre and obviously crazy, that law enforcement is regularly informed of their behavior.

   We have recently learned that the sickest among them believe they can make these nice people believe they are really ok, but they cannot! 

  Now, how do you treat this mental illness?  First, they must be locked away from the public, especially those who make insane threats, act totally nuts and are the most dangerous.   

   Then and only then, can they be treated.  Everyone knows who you are!

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