Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Letter to Sierra Sentinel owners: Crazy Neighbors

   Dear Ed:  Thank you so much for the information.  Believe it or not, it does make sense due to other reported incidents of late.  It is a sickness in our opinion too!

Dear Sierra Sentinel owners:

    Since I've been paying close attention to the activities reported about your craziest neighbors, I have done some checking on why.

   Are you both aware of how jealous several of your closest neighbors are of your success, your businesses, your properties and political influence?

   Now, I want to tell you what I witnessed a few days ago. It was on good old Hwy 4 when I noticed a very obese what I call albino looking man get out of a tiny car.

   He reached down and grabbed a dead animal off the road and hurriedly got back into the car and left.  It was so insane I didn't know what to think, but I thought I better tell you.

   I don't know the name, but have seen him before and everyone knows his bad history.  Don't know if this means anything to you, and you don't need to post this, but it does add to the case of a serious mental flaw, in my opinion.

   Ed in Arnold


Anonymous said...

I could have told you that. agreed. what's with the animal thing?

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I am now addicted to this website. have to check it at least twice a day. My wife and I both love the politics and the crazy neighbor reports.lol

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering how long the Calaveras Sheriff will allow this neighbor nut thing to go on? Will it be a murder that makes them happy. When people are mentally ill, anything can happen. Remember Burson. I know one of these neighbors is a crazy racist. I talked to Kuntz about him once. Even he said he was crazy back in school.

Anonymous said...

That's weird. I heard some people talking at the coffee shop who said it was a woman who was having an affair with some guy who is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Is it true tha tSupervisor oliverra orders people to collect dead animals off the roadway to use for stews?

Anonymous said...

There are apparently no secrets in Calaveras. everyone tells on someone.