Sunday, October 16, 2016

Angels Camp Police Chief refuses to comment or take our witness statement--WHY???

     The big rig collision after a reckless chase of a suspect down Hwy 4 that turned onto Hwy 49 in Angels Camp on October 11, 2016 ended up with a big rig driver with major injuries.

  Supposedly, the three CHP that we witnessed chasing
the suspect down Hwy 4, passing us at the Hwy 49 intersection where they turned right, was necessary.

   However, immediately after the three CHP passed us, turning right onto Hwy 49 towards San Andreas, was followed by an Angels Camp Police car, which went straight ahead instead of following the CHP.

   That Police car, which was driven by Chief Todd Fordahl, never slowed down and crashed into an SUV going across the intersection on Hwy 49.

   Fortunately no one was injured, but when we asked Chief Fordahl for a report from the Angels Camp PD, he was not forthcoming.

   He has now stated to us that what the CHP released and what was in another publication is all that will be released. 

    Why the secrets???? If he made a mistake and wasn't paying attention to CHP, who was right in front of him, why not say it?

   Up to now, we have had great respect for Chief Fordahl and have appreciated his honesty and candor when we had questions. Will Angels Camp Police or the City be sued over this collision?

   Since we witnessed the incident, we offered to give a statement and both CHP and Angels Camp Police refused to take our statement. Why???  And who was the person in the other vehicle struck by the patrol car?

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