Saturday, October 29, 2016

Temporary appointed Sheriff DiBasilio oversteps bounds??? Backward hicks???

A baby-faced, gum chawing
Kuntzite hick????
  Corruption of backward hick Supervisors and temporary Sheriff in Calaveras???

    At the October 25, 2016  Calaveras Supervisors meeting an appeal was heard for
a cannabis farm by a man named Amin.

   During the hearing it came out that the newly appointed temporary sheriff of Calaveras County, Rick DiBasilio, 
what he was allowed to do in background check applications.

  Either he or the so-called brains of the outfit Macedo, decided to write questions to try and trap people who have NO criminal record at all. 

   Supervisor Oliveira showed his racist attitude, accusing the man of PERJURY because he answered N/A to a certain question.  We have to get rid of Oliveira, Edson, Kearney and the temporary Sheriff DiBasilio if Calaveras County can ever clean up the corruption. 

   The three Trumpster Supervisors voted to allow this temporary sheriff to basically do anything he wants to people. Why does Calaveras have to be the most backward, hick county in California???


Anonymous said...

The big bust at the airport hanger where 33 people were arrested was a registered group who paid all fees for multiple parcels. Processing is permitted in the urgency ordinance. Sheriff and DA are garbage and should be removed from office

Anonymous said...

If that's true, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Oink, Oink!!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was all supposed to be a civil issue now. Not a criminal offense anyway. What is wrong with DiBasilio anyway??