Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sheriff DiBasilio already CORRUPT??? Oliveira puppet master???

  UPDATE:  You should see the anonymous comments we're getting on who Sheriff DiBasilio is having sex with. Should we believe it?  Should we post the comments?? We've sent them to DiBasilio and we'll let you know what he says! 

 It's hard to believe, but we have multiple reports and evidence of the newly appointed Sheriff's inability to handle the Sheriff position or to protect the people of Calaveras County. Indeed, the department REEKS
of corruption!!

   We need someone to run for this office, which is up for election in just over a year, now. DiBasilio may have been a good deputy, but he is not able to take care of our residents.

   We also need to work on getting rid of one of the worst Supervisors to ever be elected; the one in Ebbetts Pass. He is worthless and is tied to controlling DiBasilio's puppet strings.

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Anonymous said...

Corrupt? He IS just another Kuntz!!!