Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We will give details of so-called investigation into MASS TERRORIST Threat!!

  Be sure to smoke plenty of pot today, Sheriff DiBasilio? Yes, we have witnesses to his having been a pot smoker since a teen in Ebbetts Pass.

   So, do the cannabis growers who give you FREEBIES
not get arrested?  Or is it just minorities that you arrest???

You will have a hard time believing what has happened with an investigation into the MASS Terrorist Threat to Calaveras residents and other death threats and threats of sexual rape and abuse to a reporter.

    We are writing now our report on the corruption within the Calaveras Sheriff's Department, and how Sheriff DiBasilio uses certain deputies to do what he wants to protect his criminal friends.  Enjoying you


Anonymous said...

Want another witness to our pothead sheriff?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I heard something the other day about basilio. H'es a case all right.

Anonymous said...

The Sheriff freely and openly admits that he WAS a pot smoker in his youth, but unlike many, he figured it out, grew up, and quit using that garbage.

Anonymous said...

Oh, right!!! lol, lol, lol