Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Praise to CNN's Wolf Blitzer

   It isn't often that we can say that Wolf Blitzer deserves special praise these days, although we do remember him being the first journalist to cover the Iraq War (the 1st one) live on CNN.  This made CNN the first with 24 hour live coverage.

  Today he had a lengthy interview with Trumps main front  woman, KellyAnn Conway, where she gave phony stats and promoted Trump as if he was normal.

     At the end of the interview, Blitzer requested she tell Trump to stop instilling violence against reporters,  by his fans.  We have to give him special praise for having the courage to speak about this.

         You can always tell a racist and a Trumper by their quickness to hate and violence, especially against honest, hardworking people like reporters.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. She has her head in the sand, looking at her big paycheck from Trump.