Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lock the gate to Candyrock!!

   It's time the USFS took the trash and poop by the horns!!

   We have had several reports of the Candyrock shooters ignoring every rule that is set up for the safety of everyone in the National Forest.

   Whether its peeing or boozing or smoking or shooting anywhere and everywhere its not allowed, we've been told no one is enforcing the rules at the illegal Candyrock Shooting Range.

   Will the new interim Ranger at Hathaway have the guts to face the bad element that hangs out down there and lock the gate??

   That's really all they have to do. Make the shooters walk, carrying their booze, their guns, etc. from the gat to the range.  It's past time, USFS!


Anonymous said...

yes, yes, yes, build a wall. lock them in with their bud trumpy.

Anonymous said...

Good art, but USFS emp not known for guts.

Anonymous said...

will this ever happen?? They don't care about anything but their retirements.

Anonymous said...

Then they can walk in?