Monday, October 24, 2016

OPED: Thank you Sheriff Kuntz--Old Racists never die! (They just smell that way)

   Even though the did not have much respect for our dead Calaveras Sheriff Kuntz, we do have to thank him.

   He did make us aware of who the dirty, no-good filthy cowardly, short, bushy-haired racist
was who sent us the very first death threat way back in the beginning, trying to
intimidate us to write to promote racism and violence.

    As this person knows, we are very aware of his filth, his scummy body and his mouth full of nothing but walrus pe*****.  It takes a certain kind of sty-living racist hog to try and scare women!!  What a coward!!!

   The shame this man has brought upon his family is likened to that of any dirty racist cop who can't control his hatred for minorities, such as the CHP who is on tape beating up an old black woman because she outran him.

   You can NEVER stop the from writing the truth about you! You will NEVER have any respect among the nice, hardworking people in Calaveras County! 

   We will continue to write against racist pigs like you, dirty cops, corrupt politicians, gun violence and anything else we feel like writing about. YOU have NO power!! You are a weakling, short and puny!

   So thank you, dead Sheriff Kuntz!  Although you were afraid of him and therefore would not prosecute him with your evidence, you told us who it was, so that we can tell everyone else to beware, a coward is among us!

  MORE to COME!!!


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