Saturday, October 15, 2016

Calaveras Chamber of Commerce out of touch with REAL business

     Unfortunately, the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce has disappointed businesses in the county for years now.

   Not only do they campaign for the worst Supervisor to be re-elected
as a payback for giving them a free building (Pay to Play, it's called), but they encourage residents to shop in another county, rather than supporting the local businesses.

   If the organization that is supposed to represent businesses in Calaveras doesn't even play by the same rules of having to earn money to pay rent or buy a building, why would any reputable business person support them. 

   In addition, the political corruption within the membership and especially the Board, is so obvious with their repaying Mr. BULLY Edson for getting them a free building by apparently being his campaign committee, it's a wonder they have any members at all.

   Edson is a corrupt BULLY, in our opinion and should not be re-elected.  And sadly, there is no real business organization for honorable businesses in Calaveras. This one is completely out of touch with reality!

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