Monday, October 17, 2016

Certificates of Marriage in Calaveras County

   From August 27,  2016 through October 8, 2016 marriage certificates were issued to:

     Robert Lewis Dearrillaga and Marissa Lynne Menzes on August 27, 2016,

     Lise Dawn Hunt and Shawn Edward Duerre on September 19, 2016,

    James Andrew Glanzman and Tamara Sue Dillashaw on September 24, 2016,

    Dustin Joseph Obrien and Jame Dann Noble on September 24, 2016,

   Payden Bradley Hawkins and Rachel Marie Miller on September 30, 2016,

   Christopher Wayne Skrbina and Corinne Lynn Carter on September 30, 2016,

    Angela Richelle Powell and Cody Richard Drury on October 1, 2016,

    Edward Lucien Gouzenne and Kathy Ann Northington on October 1, 2016,

     Brandelyn Alyse Buhr and Daniel Lawrence Chavez-Ochoa on October 2, 2016,

     Gregory James Curry and Krisen Nichole Prante on October 4, 2016,

     Elizabeth Elaine Montoya and Martin James Anthony Thiebes on October 7, 2016

     Michael Scott Round and Tracy Lyn Wilkes on October 8, 2016,

    Brandon Robert Meyers and Erika Lynn Pereyda on October 8, 2016,

    Kristen Dianne Lieb and Joseph James Cable on October 8, 2016.

   Congratulations to all of you!

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