Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fight over smoking in Angels Camp

C'mon Scott!
You're up!!
   At the October 18, 2016 Angels Camp City Council meeting, many came to the Bret Harte Theater to protest and to speak in favor of the proposed smoking ban
in Angels Camp.

   Many of us remember not so many years ago that we had to sit next to smokers in the workplace, even with asthma; and that smokers got special breaks just to go out and smoke.

   Now 83% of Calaveras County residents don't smoke. It only makes sense to protect
that 83% from harmful 2nd hand smoke.

   However, one member of the public said that when she left the previous City Council meeting, Scott Beheil, City Councilman from Greenhorn lit up in front of her in the parking lot.  How is that protecting us?

   The one place in Angels Camp exempt per this ordinance is Greenhorn Creek, because that is where Behiel golfs.  That is not a fair example of a law.

    Just because these people are more wealthy and don't go to a local bar to drink, doesn't give them special rights to smoke where they want. Be careful City Council! If you are enacting a law, make it even handed and without bias.

   The item was continued to the January meeting, when three new City Council members will be present.



Anonymous said...

Why don't they just enact a $10 per pack tax to use to clean up after them?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Beil caught in his own trap.