Sunday, October 23, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Will you allow "right to choose"?

    Dear Editor:

   After reading the letter about women and Trump, I'm asking if you will publish one about why I like Clinton's stance on a Woman's Right to Choose?

   At the last debate she laid it out exactly the way I feel. That is that each woman needs to have the right to decide about contraception and even abortion without anyone's interference except HER doctor, HER family and HER religion.

  The problem with the Fundamentalists and Catholics in the US is that they want to push THEIR religious beliefs on women.  That is why the Constitution gives us Freedom from Religious control. We left that to come here, after all.

   Some religions force women to give birth! Others force them to have abortions! No religion or government should have that right. That's why we love America!

   Please practice YOUR religious beliefs among yourselves and do not try to FORCE them on others, or change our constitution to fit your personal beliefs. 

   Hillary Clinton has it right!  Each woman should decide what happens to her body without the influence of another persons religion.

   They call this a SOCIAL issue!  It's not!  It's a RELIGIOUS issue! Keep religion out of our government and other women's lives.  Thank you

    Hillary Clinton voter for women's rights



Anonymous said...

Wow, you nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on - PLEASE vote for Hillary!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Catholic and agree with Clinton. I'm also voting for her. I will not force my beliefs on anyone.