Monday, October 17, 2016

Poll Results District 5 in Calaveras County

  We conducted two polls in District 5. One was for whether to recall Kearney and the other for who they would vote for to replace Kearney.  Both were unofficial and unscientific, conducted by phone.

   The RECALL vote was pretty clear-cut.  82% of those contacted say they will vote to recall Kearney.   This is mostly due to his asphalt vote, but also a special favor for a developer was mentioned.

   On the election of a new Supervisor the vote is less clear.

     Bob Bowerman received  24% of the vote.

    Clyde Clapp received   23% of the vote.

    Bruce Guidici received   18% of the vote.

    David Tunno received  6% of the vote.

   Undecided was 24%

   Many who voted, still express their question of who would be best for District 5, although most said Tunno would be just like having Kearney back.

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