Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vice-President debate interesting

  The two 2016 Vice-Presidential candidates took the stage last night in the one and only debate between the two.

  It was very clear that Kaine (who is Catholic) and Clinton represent women's rights (especially that of choice). He stated that his religious beliefs
are NOT brought into his government office.

   In the opposite corner are Pence and Trump, who are for punishment of women who exercise their rights to choose.

   Pence was continually on the defensive as Kaine was aggressive, repeating Trump comments, which Pence tried to shake his head and deny, even though they were mostly 100% true.

   Many felt Pence stayed calm and collected and we heard Trump was angry that he did not actively defend against the allegations. What do you say??

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Anonymous said...

Pence was clearly on the defensive, that is why he was quiet and tried to say little. He undoubtedly was being careful not to throw Trump under the bus and at the same time not align himself with Trump on various issues.