Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Buzz Saw of Calaveras District 3, Ebbetts Pass

   We want to thank Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira for sending his campaigner-in-chief out to try and destroy the businesses that don't support him, his racist ideals, or his failing "business plan" for Arnold. One in particular just doesn't know how much he is laughed at behind his back.
   Our businesses and those others who have had people come in and tell them about the attempts of the dirty cop lovers, the women abusers and the creeps that simply can't hold down a job, all had a good laugh together!!  When is the election?  Or will he be recalled sooner?  


Anonymous said...

That particular camp. in ch. is the one who has a black p**** from gangrene and a black heart and brain to match. I know that one.

Anonymous said...

It has brought me more business. Those wachos are totally nuts and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

that new guy sheriff is also one of them