Thursday, November 10, 2016

Calaveras County needs a Sheriff that doesn't SUCK????

   We have now had several BAD experiences with the temporary sheriff in Calaveras County, and he hasn't served for very long. He has his deputies call victims to tell them to waive their constitutional rights because criminals are friends of Oliveiras????

   He has now become entrenched in bad politics
instead of upholding the law!  He refuses to arrest reported violent people who are friends of he and Oliveira!  We know these things! 

   He has BAD judgment and could care less about us the residents of Calaveras!  Someone needs to step up and run!  And why does this Bad appointee suck Oliveira???????


Anonymous said...

We need a president that doesn't!!

Anonymous said...

As long as we put in high school grads, we'll have sheriff's who suck on someone.