Thursday, November 17, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Can't we just move on????

   Dear Editor:

   You may not want to publish my letter, but I feel I have to try and get people thinking about moving on in spite of the election of Donald Trump.

   Everywhere we go everyone and every cable new channel and radio, not to mention websites like this one, are stirring up fear and encouraging protests.

   I don't really care for Trump, either, but I think its time we tried to support our new President and wait to see how he does as the leader of the free world.

   Thanks for listening,

    Ed in Arnold


Anonymous said...

I say we move on by getting behind honorable values and supporting more Democrats locally and nationally. Join the ACLU and the local Democratic party. That is good moving on!

Anonymous said...

YEs, let's move on!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! support then DEMOcrats that support child prostutition, 18 years and under.