Saturday, November 5, 2016

Letter to the Editor: Deplorables???

   Dear Editor:

   After reading the most recent post from an anonymous person, I just had to write.  Never before in my lifetime do I remember any election being so hateful and divisive.

   At least Hillary Clinton got it right the first time, when she mentioned 'deplorables'. She got it SO right, and the Trump people hate it.

  Racism is DEPLORABLE, disrespect of women is DEPLORABLE, and in fact everything about Trumps campaign is DEPLORABLE, in my humble opinion.

   I have to thank you for publishing the sick comments, even though I'm sure there were probably more filthy parts you left out.  It sure makes all of us think!!

   Voter in Mountain Ranch


Anonymous said...

Well said - this HAS been the most awful election in our lifetime. Trump is the epitome of all that we were taught as children, and that we taught our own children, NOT to be. Unacceptable, deplorable behavior and manner of speech that we never believed possible to hear from someone wanting to be President of this ALREADY great country. Pathetic, just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

If anyone believes these deplorables do not spread their cancer in our county, think again. Here they are!