Saturday, November 12, 2016

Notice regarding seizure of property and ....

    .....initiation of forfeiture proceedings, health and safety code section 11488.4

    To all persons claiming any right, title or legal interest in the following seized property:  $4000.00. Currency of the United States seized from 1405 Railroad Flat Road, Railroad Flat in Calaveras County, California.

   Notice is hereby given that the property described above was seized on August 17,2016, from 1405 Railroad Flat Road, Railroad Flat, in Calaveras County, California, by Officers with Tri County Drug Enforcement Team for a violation of Health and Safety Code Sections 111359 and 11358.

   On September 22, 2016, non-judicial forfeiture proceedings were commenced by the Calaveras County District Attorney in Action Number AF16-001.

   You have until thirty (30) days from the date of the first publication of this Notice to file a verified claim, unless you have received actual notice. 

    The claim must state the nature and extent of any interest you hold in this property, must be verified and must be filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court, Government Center, 891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas, California 95249, within thirty (30) days of the filing of your claim.

   Claim forms can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court.

   Dated:  November 4, 2016
   Barbara M. Yook,
   District Attorney
   by:  Dana L. Pfeil
   Deputy District Attorney
   Published November 11, 18 and 25, 2016  VSN

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