Monday, November 14, 2016

Sheriff seeks Richard Harding in shooting incident--Calaveras follies...

   According to a press release, an incident in West Point landed the apparent girlfriend in jail because of allegedly kicking and slapping, injuring a poor innocent deputy.

   It was reportedly begun by a call that someone was shot. The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office responded.

   John Westfall was the first one arrested, accused of being the alleged shooter. Then the girlfriend of the person who was reportedly shot was arrested. Now the sheriff in looking for the shooting victim, Richard Harding. He turned up missing.

  And so goes things in West Point. The Calaveras Sheriff wants you to turn in Richard Harding, but we don't see a reward for this good deed listed.  The girlfriend has a $5000 bail to get out of jail for terribly injuring the poor deputy.   As goes West Point, so goes the Calaveras Sheriff.

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Anonymous said...

The Keystone Kops it appears, have nothing on the Kalaveras Kadets!