Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Van Jones: This was "WHITE-LASH"

    Van Jones interviewed some Trump supporters and tried to make the reasonable ones understand what he was facing as a black man trying to explain
them to his children, who no longer feel safe to go to school for fear of these racist supporters.

   He said he had no answers other than the fact that this was racist "WHITE-LASH" against our first black President Barack Obama.  How will the country ever come together again. It's like being back in the segregated 1950's with Trump as President.

   Will their be internment camp, people ask?  Should I run and leave the country, others wonder?   What will become of America, we ask?

   Trump supporters are so afraid of what is happening with the diverse population and seem to think its all the fault of anyone with brown skin.  We should pity them, but its hard to feel anything but resentment for dirty racists!

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