Friday, November 11, 2016

Wyoming is least populated state--California has highest population

   The Electoral College is a strange phenomenon created by our founding fathers in order to give small states some say in Presidential elections. At that time no one knew how the populations would change.

   For example, Wyoming is
our least populated state with just over 500,000 population.  The state gets 3 electoral votes. Montana, with roughly double the population of Wyoming still gets only 3 electoral votes.

   Then there is our state, California with a population of nearly 39,000,000 people. We get 55 electoral votes. If you should get 3 electoral votes per every 500,000 in population, shouldn't Montana get 6 and California get 234 electoral votes?  

   Not only did Hillary Clinton win the vote of the people, but the Electoral College is so corrupt that she would have won if the populations of each state were considered democratically.  This really needs to change!!

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Anonymous said...

Does that make us an Autocratic Republic instead of a real democracy???