Monday, April 10, 2017

Calaveras Supervisors over DOGS tomorrow!! For MONEY!!!


At the Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting Chair Oliveira has put a letter to be sent to California FISH and GAME regarding using dogs to HUNT innocent animals in Calaveras County.

   As a member of the gun thug community, Oliveira, along with his close friend Magladry, who is chair of local Fish and Game, think its wonderful to be cowards and use dogs to do your hunting for you.

   It is currently illegal, thanks to the Democrats in the legislature and Governor Brown, to allow dogs to torture wildlife, like bears.  The way they bait the poor animals and then allow the dogs to torture them is inhumane and they should be locked up for even considering such a thing.

   HUNTING is NOT a sport!!  HUNTING is a cowards way of trying to look powerful, for people who are not!!!   A sport is a competition of EQUALS.  GIVE the animals guns and watch the so-called hunters RUN!!!

   California Fish and Game is considering lightening the rules on using DOGs to torture these wild critters.  This, and Oliveira and Magladry are disgusting to even consider such and thing. And as Oliveira says, for MONEY!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hunting is also a way for husbands to escape their wives to go get drunk and shoot guns.